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Yo I finally changed my avatar to this how exciting
Fuck the blackout. X
Two faves. X
Finally heading to merthyr after years of loving the blackout. Absolutely no idea why.
Amsterdam is cute


Letlive., 3.15 *ReEdits* (by NDubePhotos)

Incredible photograph

✦⋆ more here ⋆✦
Brb going to Amsterdam 🎉🎉🎉
Not 100% but think you and kt and predrinking at mine and then we're hitting macs! Will be like Beth Merryweathers 15th all over again😂✌️


Oh my god her party was….really something. I AM EXCITED first night out in p town 💁💁💁💁

On a really long journey, someone message me cause I’m really bored :(

Forgot to post anything but Tbo at Liverpool last week were great.